statistics Ecology Research in Yellowstone National Park
Rare plants in Yellowstone's thermal areasPlants in high CO2 habitatslandscape level vegetation in YellowstoneYellowstone mapping dataPicture Guide to Willows of Yellowstone's northern range.

We write custom analysis tools that will simplify or automate your data analysis. For example, we have written stand-alone, GUI software that is already being used by the National Park Service. GUI applications like these can use advanced statistical techniques, including multivariate methods. Click here for more detail.

View a short video that illustrates our 3D map of Yellowstone vegetation.

Our study of thermal vegetation focuses on Agrostis rossiae (Ross' Bentgrass) and its cousins, which grow only in thermal areas near Old Faithful.

Our survey of Yellowstone's geothermal areas has illustrated that the park provides a unique opportunity for studying how plants will respond to global climate change in the next century.

Our study of "trophic cascades" on Yellowstone's northern range seeks to explain why riparian willows have been getting taller for the first time in about 80 years.

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